Transformation Management

In its broadest sense, ‘transformation’ describes the moving from one state to another state.  In business terms this could mean: changes to the organisation structure; changes to policies or processes; changes in software / IT etc and in some cases two or more of the above at once.  Regardless of the change, however big or small, it will need to be managed carefully to ensure full understanding of what those changes are, how and when they will occur and the impact both short term and long term to the business by both the management and the staff.  Key elements to good transition management are:

  • Good stakeholder engagement
  • Understanding of the ‘As is’ and ‘To be’ states – including requirements gathering
  • Good planning – including setting key, realistic project milestones and delivery schedules
  • Good communications across all levels of the business
  • Management of risks and issues 

We have been involved with transformation / change management for many years, both as management instigating change and as consultants managing transition.  During that time we have consistently won praise for the work we have undertaken and would welcome the opportunity to help you manage any transitions you may be planning.  This maybe from taking full responsibility for managing the transition to providing support and mentoring to your own staff to undertake the transition.

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