Operations Improvement

In general, the efficiency of any process will deteriorate with time.  This can be caused by many factors:

  • Key people leaving the business
  • Rapid growth or shrinkage of the business
  • New standards in Quality / Data / Environmental impacting how the business operates and changes to ways of working
  • Deterioration of machinery with time
  • Slight changes to products/processes that can go unnoticed / unrecorded
  • Software changes to key systems that impose different ways of working / recording data

All of these, often subtle changes, can impact on the business performance, resulting in the erosion of profits. Operations Improvement activity, as its name implies, is used to negate such deterioration and boost performance leading to increased profits, and often increased employee satisfaction. 

We have been involved in operations optimisation and process improvement activities for many years and have a good understanding in how to identify problems and propose solutions to overcome them.  This can have a real impact on the bottom line of an organisation:

For an aerospace client we were able, within a few hours on site, to identify, organisational issues and process bottlenecks that were causing significant impact on both quality and output. We were able to propose a transition plan and new ways of working which the company is now putting into place that quickly showed improvement in quality and profitability.

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