Operational Design

Process mapping is an essential requirement that many companies overlook until they need to make a change to either staff and/or IT systems. Good process mapping will aid:

  • Compliance with Quality / GDPR standards
  • Understanding of responsibilities and accountabilities (RACI)
  • Identify process bottle necks / process improvement opportunities
  • Establishing appropriate performance metrics with which to measure the success of the business
  • The creation of good training / Works Instruction manuals

The essence of good process mapping is talking to and watching people undertake the processes and recording it in an easy to understand way. We have been doing this for many years and have won several awards and a lot of praise for the work we have carried out.

Process Design is the skill to conceive and articulate what a process should be before it is undertaken and will lead to the organisation design (including staffing levels and hierarchy), training materials and performance metrics.  Process design is an essential entry point for any form of process or organisational change, yet is often overlooked and can lead to poor implementation of new systems.  A good process design, based on the needs of the business and the outcomes that are required working within any restrictions (staff skills/levels, technology etc) requires a high skill level and expertise and can only come from experience.  This is where we can really help your business, we have an excellent track record of delivering award winning process designs that enable businesses to achieve their desired outcomes from day one.

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