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Good Business Consulting / Coaching is essentially providing unbiased, ethical advice to clients to help them to achieve their desired business outcomes and will vary considerably from client to client. Ideally a consultant / coach should have good experience in areas that they are advising on, be able to engage all stakeholders within the client’s business and communicate effectively at all levels within that business.

 Our experience has been gained across a range of both private and public sector clients and has covered clients with only a few employees to global corporate giants, in the UK, across Europe, USA and Asia Pacific so we have a wealth of knowledge to offer clients. 

Pershore Consulting was formed to offer clients advice around how to improve and / or transform their business, based on many years of experience in the industry.

Business Growth

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Sustainable Business Growth can be achieved in a number of ways; by selling more to existing customers; adding new customers; adding new, additional products to your sales portfolio or by acquisition of another business. All of these options require business intelligence and a degree of funding.


Operational Design

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Process mapping is an essential requirement that many companies overlook until they need to make a change to either staff and/or IT systems. Good process mapping will aid:


Operations Improvement

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In general, the efficiency of any process will deteriorate with time.  This can be caused by many factors:


Transformation Management

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In its broadest sense, ‘transformation’ describes the moving from one state to another state.  In business terms this could mean: changes to the organisation structure; changes to policies or processes; changes in software / IT etc and in some cases two or more of the above at once.  Regardless of the change, however big or small, it will need to be managed carefully to ensure full understanding of what those changes are, how and when they will occur and the impact both short term and long term to the business by both the management and the staff.  Key elements to good transition management are:


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