Transformation Management

Transformation projects always need to know a start point and a target end state. That way, the best route to get from one to the other can be planned, managed and communicated to all those involved.  Before embarking on any transformation project, it is always worth getting key people who will be affected by the change involved right from the start. This is the best way of ensuring they ‘buy-in’ to the proposal and they will often have good ideas on how to make it work. Equally importantly they can advise of any particular obstacles (people, processes, facilities etc) that might be encountered so that mitigation plans can be put in place or workarounds developed to minimise any risk to the project.

1. Healthcare: Localised Clinical Pathways Elucidation

Working with a CCG in the North West we documented and publicised a detailed set of Local Clinical Care Pathways covering a wide range of conditions, highlighting key clinical data such as 'red flag' symptoms, referral criteria, optional pathways depending on treatment response, HSC205 criteria etc.


  • Reduced inappropriate referrals by up to 20%
  • Patients better informed of care pathways
  • Common Care pathways implemented across all GP groups within the CCG remit
  • Improved compliance to CQC audit.

2. Software Company: Process Derived Software Development

Developed an Offering Lifecycle Management methodology, incorporating Software Design Lifecycle Management that required changing working practices across the global enterprise, development of new processes, procedures and tools. Won a performance award for solution developed.

  • Managed key elements of the process design.
  • Responsible for the creation of appropriate Business Case templates and guidance (including content) across each of the key gate stages. 
  • Led development of the Global OLM metrics, involving a wide range of exec stakeholders.


  • System design was signed off by CEO without request for changes
  • Good buy-in and adoption by Business Architects and software developers
  • Estimated revenue saving was put at ~ £10M over 3 years

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