Operational Design

Operational design done well makes a big difference to the way any start-up or transformation programme works. Apart from the obvious process design it should also cover expected staffing levels; Responsibility and Accountability charts for each process; estimates of process timings where appropriate and also basic operational cost data. Any new design needs to fit in well with other processes / operations so as not to create a conflict or confusion with the operators. A critical point, often overlooked until it’s too late, is that fact that any design, process mapping or other documentation must be understandable to those people that will be using them otherwise it has little value to those that need it…..

1. Designed First of Type Integrated Health and Social Care Coordination Centre.

Managed a multidisciplinary team to deliver process evaluation and operational design for an innovative, first of type offering for NHS Care Coordination project.

Managed all process discovery work including case management and scenarios.

Creation of Patient Journey Scenarios and User cases

Managed process design for all clinical, administrative, operational and governance processes.

Defined 'As is' processes and detailed transition to 'To be' (new) process pathways including internal and external business metrics for the business.

Defined the new Organisational Structure based on processes and estimated workloads.


  • Coordination centre operational and positively improving patient care
  • All processes and procedures signed off by CCG with virtually no changes required and put into daily operation
  • The designed monitoring system reports all key SLAs and KPIs to track benefits and value added
  • Validated cost benefits through improved referral processes, better information and support for complex care patients, better transition from child to adult care and improved discharge management from acute care.

2.  Healthcare: Designed New Telehealth Service Offering

Developed new TeleHealth offering processes. This role involved creation of an industry leading, cost effective, offering to target a new and innovative area of remote healthcare - TeleHealth.

Facilitated all requirements workshops with potential clients, potential users (patients) and care organisations, identifying benefits, goals and requirements of both clinicians and patients.

Developed simple case stories and storyboards to lead the discussions.


  • System fully designed and signed off
  • Various CCGs and Healthcare Trusts expressed interest in the developed system

3.  3rd Sector (Charity): Government Social Enterprise Project

Managed design and organisational structure recommendations for a new charitable enterprise in the 3rd Sector to help reduce long term youth unemployment (Government Social Enterprise Project) targeted at helping the most disadvantaged young unemployed people into sustainable employment.

Undertook investigation and gap/fit analysis into the available 3rd sector offerings to establish what best practice would look like and incorporated into the end to end process design.

Facilitated a series of workshops with a wide range of 3rd Sector industry experts to create a full end-to-end process design.


  • Incorporated into the process design a number of control gates to allow for good QA overview, full benefits realisation planning and cost milestones. 
  • Shortlisted as a finalist for a Team award from the Management Consultancy Association.
  • Enterprise had >80% employment success rate with the youth that completed the course.

4.   3rd Sector (Health Charity): Digital Transformation Project

Worked with a health charity in Scotland to understand how adopting new digital technology would benefit the organisation.

Facilitated a workshop where we identified all the key current touch points between the different elements of the organisation, it's volunteers and the public. We then explored the differences new digital technology that was being implemented would bring to all involved.

We identified the project owners for all key elements of the transition to a digital way of working


  • Produced charts and diagrams to show the current state interfaces across the organisation, volunteers and the public against the current technology employed
  • Produced charts and diagrams to show the future, digital state interfaces across the organisation, volunteers and the public against the future technology employed
  • Created a basic RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) chart for all elements of the digital transformation
  • Created basic process flow charts to show how data/information flowed through the organisation.
  • The transformation is now being undertaken and is going well as all key stakeholders are aware of the changes and the benefits they will bring.

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