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Industries Served - Transferable Skills

  • Most of the services that we offer are applicable across a wide range of industries and services.
  • We have worked in large, global enterprises managing transformations on an international scale down to small businesses with only a few tens of staff.
  • Examples of the expertise offered are shown for a few Case Studies – shown below

Business Growth

Business growth means different things to different people; Increasing turnover; growing the workforce; increasing the number of items sold or product range offered, but we believe the most important criteria is increased profit, which may come about as a result of one or more of the above factors. That is why we work with our clients to increase their profitability by looking at their sales, operational costs, capability and supply chain to discover which is going to produce the best results both short term and long term. Because any kind of growth normally has a cost associated with it, we also always like to see what grant funding is available to support the growth plans as this can often make a big impact on the timing and strategies adopted.
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Operational Design

Operational design done well makes a big difference to the way any start-up or transformation programme works. Apart from the obvious process design it should also cover expected staffing levels; Responsibility and Accountability charts for each process; estimates of process timings where appropriate and also basic operational cost data. Any new design needs to fit in well with other processes / operations so as not to create a conflict or confusion with the operators. A critical point, often overlooked until it’s too late, is that fact that any design, process mapping or other documentation must be understandable to those people that will be using them otherwise it has little value to those that need it…..
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Operations Improvement

Operations improvement has many varieties from full systemised methodology such as Lean / Six-Sigma, Kanban, Kaizen etc to simple things like having a clean and tidy workplace (how many of us do that!), better training or simply better lighting. However, before embarking on any improvement project it is essential to know the current state metrics so that any real improvement can be measured and costed. We find often this is the biggest issue when starting on improvement projects simply because the wrong things are sometimes being measured so the baseline is unknown. Each project is different and we can work with you to advise which methodology would add the most value to your workflow. 
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Transformation Management

Transformation projects always need to know a start point and a target end state. That way, the best route to get from one to the other can be planned, managed and communicated to all those involved.  Before embarking on any transformation project, it is always worth getting key people who will be affected by the change involved right from the start. This is the best way of ensuring they ‘buy-in’ to the proposal and they will often have good ideas on how to make it work. Equally importantly they can advise of any particular obstacles (people, processes, facilities etc) that might be encountered so that mitigation plans can be put in place or workarounds developed to minimise any risk to the project.
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