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One of the chief concerns we are hearing from our clients is their inability to consistently deliver and maintain healthy, sustainable growth. This makes it difficult to predict cashflow and to plan for business investment. A challenging environment becomes even more demanding and stressful. This is where we can help alleviate some of the stress and reduce the pressure on busy business owners.

Working with local Council, Health Providers, Manufacturing and Service Centre clients delivering sustainable business growth, operational improvement and digital transformation programmes.  By showing clients how to manage their processes to reduce costs, grow their commercial sales, convert more leads into sales, work leaner, smarter and more cost effectively we use proven tools to help to achieve the best for their business.

Recent projects within the public sector have resulted in savings of over £4M for the clients from relatively simple process changes and adoption of low-cost digital technology.  Much higher savings will be realised in the longer term as the more complex changes recommended are put in place over the next 2-3 years.


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We work closely with clients to understand their problems and needs to define and deliver the outcomes required and will coach and mentor client staff along the way to ensure sustainable change.   Voted Best Business Growth Consultancy - West Midlands in last year’s Midlands Enterprise Awards (2018). Read more About Us


Good Business Consulting / Coaching is essentially providing unbiased, ethical advice to clients to help them to achieve their desired business outcomes and will vary considerably from client to client. See all Services

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Business Growth

Sustainable Business Growth can be achieved in a number of ways; by selling more to existing customers; adding new customers; adding new, additional products to your sales portfolio or by...


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Operational Design

Process mapping is an essential requirement that many companies overlook until they need to make a change to either staff and/or IT systems.


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Operations Improvement

In general, the efficiency of any process will deteriorate with time.


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Transformation Management

In its broadest sense, ‘transformation’ describes the moving from one state to another state.


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